About Me

Result orientated SDET with more than 8 years in automation and test development with detailed, thorough multi-role analysis & project go-live exposure. Easily collaborates with developers, architects, product owners & project managers to accomplish complex integrated milestones. Innate ability to adapt to high-pressure situations to deliver consistent high quality project deliverables in the dev-ops, testing, and automation spaces. Passion to exceed expectations and constantly learn to grow.

What I Do


A common saying is work smarter, not harder. Automation is one of the best ways to implement this concept which has potentials of unlimited growth and return on investment.

QA Consultation

A fresh outlook and perspective on how things are working for you, your customers, and areas where we can make a significant impact towards growth & increase ROI. I specialize in process improvement, defect management, & automation with a taste of CI/CD.

Team Management

What better way to leave your mark than by inspiring teams of individuals to strive to make a difference, to leave an everlasting positive change, to implement things for the better of all individuals.

Digital Branding & Logo Design

The internet is vast and has no end in sight. Home to millions of businesses and websites, its crucial to have a brand image that sets you apart, that represents your purpose or mission, that makes you and your reputation known within a split second of recognition. My passion is to help you find and implement that brand or logo.

Website Design

The web is infinite, so is your online presence. Why settle for cookie-cutter websites in today's time of rapid-growing tech and digital fronts? You set out to make your website deliver on your promise or mission, don't sacrifice the opportunity of leaving a memorable mark on your visitors. I Deliver unique, one-of-a-kind digital presences for each project ensuring your customers experience a high quality visit guaranteed to leave a positive impression of comfort & satisfaction.

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